DUJAT Trip To Japan (June 25th~June 30th)

As already stated in our year programme DUJAT will travel to Japan in the week of June 25th until June 30th.
We will have the meeting with the Advisory Board and reception on June 29th at the residence of the Dutch Ambassador in Japan. During the week we also will organize some company visits, and we will also will join seminars in Osaka and Tokyo, organized by Amsterdam Inbusiness, NFIA and Mizuho Bank.

DUJAT members are welcome to join our programme in Japan. Please keep in mind you have to take care of your own travel arrangements. Of course you are most welcome to join the reception with the Advisory Board members, the seminars and maybe we can arrange you can join some of the company visits. Of course the final decisions are made by the companies, but basically you are responsible for your own programme in Japan.

For more information, the programme and the application form, please contact by e-mail.