[2011-10-06] DUJAT Seminar ‘Foresight of Year 2012’



DUJAT Seminar ‘Foresight of Year 2012’ – October 6, 2011



  • Date:     Thursday, October 6, 2011
  • Time: 14:30 – 18:00hrs (including drinks)
  • Venue: WTC in Amsterdam (Place de la Concorde (room 8))
  • Address:Strawinskylaan 77, 1077 XW Amsterdam
    Parking garage is available at WTC Amsterdam
  • Registration:send the email to suzuki@dujat.nl
  • Admission:Free of charge
  • Number of participants: 40




14.30 Registration with coffee/ tea
15:00 Welcome – Hans Bax, Chairman DUJAT

15:05   Latest developments in International mobility legislation
– Hans Moltmaker, Partner, and Reinier Wolters, Attorneys at law,
De Vreede Advocaten

On 19 June 2011, the EU Blue Card Council Directive was implemented in the Dutch law. The Blue Card is a combined residence and work permit and has been designed to make the EU as attractive for highly skilled workers as Australia, Canada and the US. How does this card compare to the already existing Dutch scheme for knowledge workers? Further we will discuss recent case law that is in particular relevant for expatriates and companies that employ them.

15:35    Flexible BV (Bill)
– Erwin Rademakers, Partner, AKD advocaten & notarissen

In 2009, Lower House of the Dutch Parliament has adopted a bill regarding the flexibilisation of the law governing BVs (the “Bill”). The rules regarding the incorporation of  limited liability companies (BVs and ) dividend distributions will become simpler and more flexible. There are more opportunities in the articles of association to deviate from statutory provisions. The minimum initial capital of €18,000 will be abolished. The compulsory transfer restrictions, banking and audit of contribution will disappear. The bill is expected to become effective in 2012.  Will it be another business chance in  2012 for you?

16:05    Update on New Japan Netherlands Tax Treaty and its forecast
in 2012
– Roger Brands, Chairman Japanese Services Group, Deloitte

On August 25th 2010 the new Japan Netherlands tax treaty was signed and it is expected that the ratification process in the Netherlands will be completed in 2011, with the treaty entering into force in 2012.
Mr. Roger Brands will update you on this tax treaty and tell you your ‘to do’s’ in 2012!

16.35 Question and Free discussion

17:00 Closing remarks and invitation to cocktails

18:00 End of the program