[2011-04-05] Round table at Japanese Embassy Topics: EPA/ FTA

As you may know, the Japanese government is currently looking to establish an effective Free Trade Agreement (FTA, also known as Economic Partnership Agreement EPA) with the European Union. The goal is an agreement between Japan and the EU that serves both the interest of Japanese and European companies by opening up the mutual markets as much as possible.

For Japan this is an important subject and for this purpose the Japanese government is stepping up its efforts to exchange information on the merits of such an agreement.

As an FTA / EPA is also in the interest of our DUJAT members, the Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands and DUJAT have joined hands by organizing an informal Round Table Dinner to discuss the road to come to an agreement.

H.E. Japanese Ambassador to the Netherlands, Mr. Takashi Koezuka (also a member of DUJAT Honorary Committee) kindly offered to host this special occasion at his residence in Den Haag.

All the invitees joined this dinner to exchange the thoughts/ ideas for Japan’s Strategic future partnership building between Japan and E.U. (The Netherlands).