ADNA Europe B.V.

IndustryAdvertising Services, Market/Economic/Trade Research
CountryThe Netherlands
Member sinceJuly, 2023

ADNA (Audience DNA) is a Creative Intelligence consultancy. People who hire us are CMO’s, Research Directors, Consultants and C-suite innovators among others. We are built upon proprietary quantitative research access that incorporates real-time audience feedback into business strategising and creative thinking processes, so you can make braver decisions with more confidence.

Our breakthrough proprietary technology, Dynamic Audience Platform, creates zero-party data, powered by 600M ‘real’ people worldwide in 120 countries.

ADNA’s agility and affordability transforms the way we use quantitative data. It allows regular audience participation, like a sonar device helping to reveal the terrain ahead. Leveraging real-time intelligence, our best-in-class creative and strategic thinkers help you build bolder, braver solutions to take advantage of market opportunities

We work with the agility of a small business but we are made up of highly experienced, world-class talent, strategically located in key global markets.

Our iterative problem-solving approach helps you zero in on opportunities with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency, giving you the assurance you need to lead with conviction.