Blom Consultancy

IndustryManagement Consulting
CountryThe Netherlands
Member sinceNovember, 2021

Where there is a way, there is a future. In the Netherlands too. Blom Consultancy helps companies to make the right choices. Our vision is that the Dutch manufacturing industry can continue to measure itself with the rest of the world through continuous improvement.

The core of what we offer is Monozukuri: lean to flow. By combining people and methods, we help to improve your (production) processes in a sustainable way. This leads to an enormous improvement in the results: higher productivity, better product quality and more job satisfaction. This allows you to produce a product or provide a service faster and at lower cost. This will give you more satisfied customers, increase turnover, increase market share and strengthen the competitive position of your company. The starting point is the prevention of waste. That is why we look at the losses together and standardize the working methods.

At the same time, we get to work with the employees: when they are in flow, they effortlessly perform their tasks, perform better and enjoy their work more. This ensures an optimal flow in the production chain, so that they add maximum value. We prepare Dutch industrial companies for the future. Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your production processes and also improve your competitive position and innovative capacity in the longer term?