CEVA Logistics Netherlands


At CEVA we take a singular view of logistics. We examine every aspect of a supply chain and ask ourselves how we can improve it. Our mission is to reduce the cost of each part of the process, while adding value for our customers.

Here in the heart of Europe we have gained valuable experience in one particular aspect of logistics. Our location means many multinational companies choose the Netherlands or Belgium for their European Distribution Centers. We are used to dealing with the demands this brings – and the wide range of nationalities, cultures, languages and attitudes that are involved in pan-European operations.

As you might expect, diversity and inclusion is an important priority for us, but not just in terms of ethnic mix or our male/female employee ratio. This is all about attitude. One of our strengths is that we are open to other people’s points of view and curious about what they think.

IndustryLogistics and Supply Chain
CountryThe Netherlands
Member since2017, July