Global Well-being

Since its founding in 2015, GWB has worked for OCUPATIONAL MENTAL HEALTH issues among Japanese people working in the Netherlands and their families. As formerly called ECG Co., Ltd., Global Well-being has a rich experience and knowledge in the areas of STRESS, SAFETY and HEALTH, which the company has accumulated in Japan in the last 10 years. Now the company is to expand its business and network to Europe. From last year, companies in Japan with more than 50 employees are obliged to conduct a ‘stress check’ to assess workers’ psychological risks. It is also applied to overseas representatives/expatriates. Stress could cause mental illness as well as physical illness that can affect anyone and any business.

In order to successfully manage work-related stress, GWB advises and provides trainings with occupational mental health program and stress management, counselling and conducting stress check.

Contact person: Ms. Mie Fuchigami, founder (MSc in Organizational Psychology, NIP registered psychologist, Board of director of Business Psychological Association Japan)

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