Takebishi Europe BV

About Takebishi Europe B.V.

Takebishi Europe is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Takebishi Corporation Japan and was established in The Netherlands in January 2014. Takebishi Europe B.V. focusses on business between Europe and East-Asia and acts as the link between Takebishi Corporation and Europe.

About Takebishi Corporation

Takebishi Corporation is a Japanese technological trading company that strives to provide total solutions using innovative technology and the highest quality. Takebishi Corporation’s main business areas are the following:

  • factory automation and industrial equipment
  • semiconductors and devices
  • social infrastructure
  • information and communication equipment.

Takebishi Corporation’s philosophy: Creating a bright future by connecting people and technology with confidence.

Company  history:

Takebishi Corporation was originally established in 1926 as Kusasa Shougyou Co., Ltd. in the city of Osaka. Due to the close relationship with Mitsubishi Corporation it was decided to change the name of the company to Takebishi in 1930. In 1963 the head office was moved to Kyoto where it remains until today. Takebishi Corporation now has many offices around Japan and is also active abroad since 1996 when it established Takebishi Electric Sales Hong Kong as a subsidiary. In 2006 Takebishi Electric Sales Shanghai was established and two years later this subsidiary opened a branch office in Tianjin. In 2014 Takebishi Corporation expanded even further and established Takebishi (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand and Takebishi Europe B.V. in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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