[2016-07-01] DUJAT NEWS FLASH ‘Change in Management DUJAT’ and close of Tokyo Office


Tokyo July 1, 2016

Re: Change in management DUJAT


Dear DUJAT members and Supporters,


First of all, we would like to thank you for your continuous support.


Through this extra News Flash we would like to inform you about some planned changes in management of DUJAT / Dutch & Japanese Trade Federation.


By October 1, 2016 Mr. Radboud Molijn, who has been our Managing Director since 2003, will step down as Managing Director of our organization.

Mr. Molijn started his activities for DUJAT in 2003 at a time when DUJAT was looking for a new élan to the Dutch & Japanese economic relations. Established in 1984 when the economic activities between both countries were mainly “trade”, DUJAT was looking for a new approach of these relations. In 2004 DUJAT was transformed into a “network organization” with multiple events and focused on contents. The result has been that the number of DUJAT members has more than doubled, the activities more than tripled and that DUJAT’s finances are sound.

In September 2015, Radboud indicated that he wanted to hand-over DUJAT’s management and focus on his activities of his own company: Global Bridges, a Financial Advisory company. We would like to thank Radboud for his fine achievements.


From December 1, 2016 DUJAT’s new Managing Director will be Mrs. Christa de Kemp who is Director Japan Desk of amsterdam inbusiness since 2001 and who was Director of the Economic Department city of Amstelveen between 1990 – 2001. She has a substantial Japan–experience and an excellent track-record in serving Japanese companies. We are convinced that Mrs. De Kemp will be a great Managing Director of DUJAT.


Later this year two Japanese members are likely to be appointed in the executive board. Mr. Hans Kuijpers, now Director NFIA in Tokyo and from August 15 Senior Project Manager at the NFIA in The Netherlands will join our Executive Board as well.


We also would like to announce that from July 5, 2016 our Tokyo office will be closed.

Mr. Takeo Nishitani, our Japan representative since 2007 will terminate his activities and will join our DUJAT Advisory Board in Japan. We would like to thank Mr. Nishitani very much for his excellent contribution to the Japanese-Dutch relations and to DUJAT, by promoting the bilateral relations on all levels, from corporate to government. Without Mr. Nishitani, DUJAT would not have been in this excellent condition.


With the Dutch & Japanese economic relations in a very good shape and with DUJAT serving and further developing these mutual ties, we have all confidence that DUJAT will continue to flourish in the coming years.


Geert Jan Mantel