Deshima Netherlands Awards 2013


DUJAT PRESS RELEASE – 13 December, 2013

Deshima Netherlands Awards 2013 for Canon and Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe

Fourth edition of biannual Awards for successful Japanese investors in the Netherlands

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During the annual Dujat December Dinner on Thursday 12 December 2013, the Mayor of Almere and Alderman for Economic Affairs from Amstelveen presented the Deshima Netherlands Awards 2013. The Award in the category ‘well-established’ was won by electronics company Canon, with Dutch establishments in Venlo and Amstelveen. And the Award in the category ‘new investment’ was won by Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe in Almere.

The Awards were introduced in 2007 by the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and the Dutch-Japanese Trade Federation Dujat. They are awarded every two years to successful Japanese investors in the Netherlands and underline the importance of Japanese investments in the Netherlands.

The winning companies received their prizes as a result of their economic impact in the Netherlands and their innovative characters. Additionally, their efforts with regard to sustainability and social engagement as well as their interaction with the Dutch business community played an important role in their evaluation. The Netherlands is currently home to more than 700 establishments of Japanese companies, employing nearly 32,000 people.

The winners in the past were FUJIFILM Manufacturing BV in Tilburg (2007), Teijin Group in the Netherlands (2009) and Astellas in Leiden (2011) in the category “well established”, and Hitachi Construction Machinery NV in Amsterdam (2007), Sekisui S-LEC in Roermond (2009) and Menicon in Emmen (2011) in the category “new comer”

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