Sep. 17, 2011 – Opening Ceremony of the Hirado Dutch Trading Post

On 17 September, the re-opening ceremony of the Dutch  Trading Post (Oranda shokan)  in Hirado, Nagasaki Prefecture was held.

Prince Akishino, Honorary Patron of The Japan – Netherlands Society, Mr. Shigetaka Komori, President of The Japan – Netherlands Society (Chairman of DUJAT’s Advisory Board  in Japan), and Dutch Ambassador to Japan Philip de Heer attended this ceremony. More than 300 people and officials from both countries from theNetherlands and Japan cerebrated this special day. From DUJAT,  Takeo Nishitani, Japanese Representative attended as well.

The old trading post opened in 1609 the Dutch East India Company. About 30 years until the office moved to Dejima in Nagasaki at the effect of closed-door policy of East Asian Trade.

The Dutch Trading Post was set up in 1609 in Hirado as a trading centre for East Asia. It was a very important place, not only for the trade but also for Japan’s foreign policy during the early Edo period.

Before Japan’s isolation policy was implemented, only the Dutch Trading Post in Hirado was allowed to trade relatively freely, and many exchanges took place both in trading activities as well as in daily life. The latter half of the era of Dutch trade in Hirado was the peak period for Japanese-Dutch trade during the entire Edo period. However, unable to withstand the increasingly strict isolation policy of the Shogunate, the Dutch trading post was ordered to be demolished and relocated to Deshima in Nagasaki city. It was the end of a successful 33 year-long period of Japanese-Dutch trade, known as the Hirado era.

The official opening of the Dutch  Trading Post (Oranda shokan)  in Hirado, Nagasaki Prefecture is 20, September 2011.