[28-1-2016] DUJAT First Kampai Meets & Drinks


[21-4-2016] DUJAT RJC Company Visit to Port of Rotterdam 


[26-4-2016] The Japanese Reader’s Theater, “Living with the Father”


[19-5-2016] DUJAT Meets & Drinks at Arita House


[23-6-2016] Special Kampai on the occasion of the Conferral of the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette (旭日小綬章) Upon Mr. Radboud Molijn, Managing Director of DUJAT


[9-8-2016] DUJAT & AKD Seminar ”Self employed professionals – how to hire them in a tax compliant way”


[24-9-2016] DUJAT & Asunaro Golf Tournament 2016


[20-9-2016] Presentation of DUJAT ‘Prince’s Day 2016 Explained’ Event at WTC Amsterdam


[29-9-2016] Farewell Meets & Drinks for Radboud Molijn & Welcome Christa de Kemp


[24-9-2016] DUJAT & Asunaro Golf Tournament 2016


[15-12-2016] DUJAT December Dinner 2016