23 May 2024: BNP Paribas Treasury Valley 2024

2024 has already gone down as an eventful year on account of the US elections, the war in Ukraine and the Middle East and the increasing pressure on the climate and nature. On top of that, there are also concerns about artificial intelligence, the flagging Chinese economy and access to the rare minerals necessary for a fast energy transition – and the list goes on.

So how do you equip your treasury team to deal with continuing high inflation, geopolitical trade restrictions and compliance with ESG regulations while preparing for the macro-economic tipping points that could redefine the stage of the world economy?

In this annual Treasury Valley event, we will zoom in and out with the help of expert speakers, followed by a series of masterclasses providing insights and best practices.

This year’s edition will take place on Thursday 23 May 2024 at the Green Village in Nieuwegein (NL) from 12:30 to 17:00, followed by networking drinks.

To set the scene, we are pleased to welcome two keynote speakers:

Arend Jan Boekestijn a former politician, historian and lecturer at Utrecht University will shed light on the economic consequences of the current geopolitical challenges. He is fascinated by the major geopolitical shifts that are taking place today and which will have a huge impact on our politics and economy.

Koen de Leus is chief economist at BNP Paribas Fortis in Belgium. He will examine the workings of our economy as illustrated by his recent book The New World Economy, which describes the five major trends that will affect our lives and our economic system in the next 30 years.

The keynote lectures will be followed by a series of masterclasses that you can choose from on the latest developments, solutions, opportunities and best practices for treasury in a volatile world:

  • The stakes, challenges and use cases for in-house banking (cash management)
  • Eliant Inventory Solutions Providing Supply Chain Resilience (trade sollutions)
  • Geopolitical Risk: Market implication and means of protection (global markets)
  • B2B Payment Trends in Europe, new opportunities emerge on the horizon (cash management)
  • Business and nature: opportunities, challenges and finance views (ESG / sustainability)
  • Managing event driven financial market risk (global markets)

Join us to obtain these latest insights and to share experiences with your peers. Please e-mail to eiryo.emori@bnpparibas.com and barbara.hilhorst@externe.bnpparibas.com to secure your seat and see more detailed information about the masterclasses offered.