[2021-08-17] Intercultural Workshop at Amity International School with Many Truths and JIC

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On Tuesday 17 August, Dujat in cooperation with Many Truths and Japan Intercultural Consulting organized an intercultural workshop at Amity International School Amsterdam. It was an educative and interesting event, where members could share their experiences and learn about the different aspects of cultural differences between Japan and the Netherlands.

We would like to specially thank Amity School for their kind hospitality during the school summer vacation as well as the wonderful workshop organization by Masako Kato (Many Truths), Chie Misumi (JIC) and Claudia Romberg (JIC)


This event is for Dujat members only.
If your company is member of Dujat and you did not receive the invitation, please contact our office. 

Knowledge about other cultures is absolutely necessary if you would like to work effectively across cultures. For example, you may know that Dutch people can be very direct in their communication, while Japanese people can be very indirect. However, just the knowledge might not be everything.

Last year we tackled this topic in an interactive workshop, where experts from Many Truths and Japan Intercultural Consulting talked with Dujat members about cultural differences, the ability to understand and interpret the actions of different cultures, how to work more effectively across cultures, and how you can develop your CQ.

We would like to invite you for this year’s edition of the intercultural workshop, which is more interactive than for example our seminars. It is encouraged to share your knowledge and experiences, discuss with other members and ask questions. We encourage members who joined last year to participate this time too, since we could dive deeper into the topics.

When registering, it is possible to select a certain topic for the breakout session. Due to COVID-19 restrictions we only have limited space, this also goes for each group, so please make sure to register soon. During the plenary session, all groups will come together and share their takeaways with everyone.

This time the workshop will take place at Amity International School in Amsterdam. Besides offering their facilities for our workshops, they are pleased to welcome Dujat members for a optional tour around the impressive building of their school. If you would like to join this, please make sure to sign up accordingly.

Date: Tuesday, 17 August, 2021

Time: 14:00 – 18:00

Venue: Amity International School, Amsterdamseweg 204, 1182 HL Amstelveen

Admission: Free of charge (members only)


14:00  Registration for optional tour

14:15  Tour at Amity International School

14:45  Registration starts for the workshop

15:00  Welcome by Sarah Wade, Principal at Amity International School Amsterdam

15:05  Welcome by Claartje Bouwers, Vice Chairman at Dujat

15:10  Introduction workshop

15:20  Breakout in groups:

  1. Dutch-Japanese Communication, by Chie Misumi, Senior Consultant at Japan Intercultural Consulting
  2. (Remote) Teamwork with Dutch-Japanese teams, by Masako Kato, Managing Director at Many Truths
  3. Dutch-Japanese Performance systems and working principles compared, by Claudia Romberg, Senior Consultant at Japan Intercultural Consulting

16:45  Plenary Session

17:15  Closing remarks by Christa de Kemp, Managing Director at Dujat

17:20  Networking reception

18:00  End of Event