[2023-10-05] Cyber Security Seminar with Soliton Systems and Van Doorne NV

On Thursday 5 October, the Cyber Security Seminar took place, with presentations by Van Doorne N.V. and Soliton Systems. Though still a complicated topic for many, we received positive responses and hope the presentations gave at least a better understanding in cyber security. Many thanks to all who attended and of course, special thanks to our speakers!

This event is for Dujat members and invitees only.
If your company is member of Dujat and you did not receive the invitation, please contact our office

This year on Thursday 5 October, we will organize a cyber security seminar together with Van Doorne N.V. and Soliton Systems in Amsterdam.

During this seminar, Van Doorne will first give an introduction and presentation on the latest cyber security developments. Then, Hans-Peter Ponten, Product Manager at Soliton Systems will go into more detail with his presentation “More Than Numbers: A Glimpse into the World of Cryptography”.

This presentation serves as a gateway into the intriguing world of cyber security. It will demonstrate how numbers are used to achieve essential tasks such as recognizing (authenticating) individuals and establishing secure connections. Designed to be interactive and enjoyable, there’s no pressure to remember anything—only a few key points that will be specifically highlighted.

After grasping this foundational knowledge, attendees will approach discussions about cybersecurity with IT professionals with increased confidence. This is an opportunity to truly broaden your horizons in understanding cyber security!

We invite you to save the date in your agenda, and register via the button below. More details about the programme and contents will be shared with you in September.

Date: Thursday 5 October

Time: 15:30 – 18:30

Venue: Van Doorne N.V., Jachthavenweg 121, 1081 KM Amsterdam (Free parking at the office)


15:30  Registration

16:00 Welcome by Jitske Weber, Lawyer and Anouk Rutten, Chief Operating Officer at Van Doorne N.V.

16:05 “Cybersecurity developments in IT and privacy regulations” by Ruud de Kleijn and Iram Velji Aslan, part of IT and privacy teams at Van Doorne N.V.

16:30  “More Than Numbers: A Glimpse into the World of Cryptography” by Hans-Peter Ponten, Product Manager at Soliton Systems

17:15  Q&A

17:25  Closing remarks by Dujat

17:30  Drinks and Networking

18:30  End of Event