[2024-02-15] Cultural Workshop with Many Truths and JIC at ISA

Yesterday, we organized a cultural workshop to give our members better understanding of the communication between Dutch and Japanese culture. The workshop was given by Masako Kato (Many Truths) and Chie Misumi (Japan Intercultural Consulting), at the International School of Amsterdam.

Even though this was already the 3rd cultural workshop we organized together, we were pleased to welcome so many participants, and one afternoon was not enough to discuss all the interesting topics concerning cultural differences between Japan, the Netherlands and other countries as well.

Many thanks to Masako and Chie for the excellent and interesting workshop and to ISA for welcoming Dujat to their beautiful school, which was the perfect setting for this informal event.

This event is for Dujat members and invitees only.
If your company is member of Dujat and you did not receive the invitation, please contact our office

We are pleased to invite you for our cultural workshop on Thursday 15 February. The workshop is organized to give better understanding of the communication between Dutch and Japanese culture, and will be given by our members Many Truths and Japan Intercultural Consulting, at The International School of Amsterdam.

After the workshops in 2020 and 2021, this will be the 3rd edition of this event, which is considered to be a more interactive event where your input and participation will be greatly appreciated.

Before the workshop, we will start with an optional tour around the impressive school building of The International School of Amsterdam. We will then have a short introduction of the workshop, after which we will split the group into 2 smaller groups for the breakout session where the following topics will be discussed in detail:

  • Typical Dutch-Japanese Communication challenges
  • Effective business meetings: differences between Dutch and Japanese
  • Japanese Decision Making (What are Nemawashi and Ringi?)
  • What does a good project/corporate planning look like for both cultures?
  • Topics of interest by the participants

During the plenary session, both groups will come together and share their takeaways with everyone. Of course we will conclude with networking and drinks.

Date: Thursday 15 February 2024

Time: 14:00 – 18:30

Venue: International School Amsterdam, Sportlaan 45, 1185 TB Amstelveen


14:00  Registration for optional tour at ISA

14:15  Tour at International School of Amsterdam

14:30  Start registration for Workshop

15:00  Welcome by ISA

15:05  Introduction Workshop

15:15  Breakout Session

17:00  Plenary Session

17:30  Closing remarks by Dujat

17:35  Drinks and Networking

18:30  End of Event