[2022-04-04] Corporate Reorganization & Recruitment Seminar

On Monday 4 April, Dujat, Baker McKenzie and McDermott + Bull Europe organized an interactive seminar that focused on corporate reorganization and recruitment. We would like to thank all members who joined this seminar, and look forward to welcoming you again next time!

We are pleased to invite you to the Corporate Reorganization & Recruitment Seminar on Monday 4 April at the office of Baker McKenzie in Amsterdam. The seminar is organized in collaboration with McDermott + Bull Europe, and will provide your company information on how to prepare for large reorganizations.

Increasing globalization and economic uncertainty have created a much more demanding and competitive marketplace while shareholders continue to pressure companies to increase their returns. Change through successful integration and reorganization can often ensure a business is fully equipped to meet these challenges. However, the hard truth is that many businesses never reap the intended benefits as transformations often fail to make the leap from planned strategy to effective execution.

Baker McKenzie has been guiding clients through these transformations for years to ensure they meet their intended objectives, and will share their insights during this seminar. Kim Tan, Partner & Civil-Law Notary at Baker McKenzie will first give a presentation, followed by Norbert Meijer, Managing Partner at McDermott + Bull Europe.

In his presentation, Norbert will speak about the challenges of reaching and attracting the right talent for your organization and provide guidelines for an effective recruitment process through the so called 9 steps recruitment process. Direct Search will be explained as a possible alternative for hiring the right people for your organization. The presentation will also cover the role of social media in recruitment. Finally, some practical tips will be provided for interviews with potential candidates.

Date: Monday 4 April

Time: 15:00 – 17:00 (with drinks & networking afterwards)

Venue: Baker McKenzie Amsterdam, Claude Debussylaan 54, 1082 MD Amsterdam


15:00  Registration

15:30  Opening remarks by Eelco Ouwerkerk, Board Member of Dujat

15:35  Corporate Reorganizations – Presentation by Kim Tan, Partner & Civil-Law Notary at Baker McKenzie

16:05  “How to Recruit the Right Talent” – Presentation by Norbert Meijer, Managing Partner at McDermott + Bull Europe

16:35  Q&A and Discussion Panel

17:00  Closing, Start Networking Reception