[2017-09-05] Next Steps In Dutch-Japanese Cooperation In Horticulture (Seminar-Company Visit at Westland)


On Tuesday the 5th of September we took the bus to Westland, where we had a wonderful packed programme at two beautiful companies: Koppert Cress and Priva. We could welcome over 70 people at the event, and started the day with some very interesting presentations, including a presentation by Koppert Cress CEO Rob Baan, and another interesting presentation by Hans Kuijpers (NFIA). After the speeches, a table literally appeared in our middle and we could enjoy a delicious lunch, prepared by famous chef Albert Kooy and his students.

We enjoyed a nice tour around Koppert Cress before we moved to our next destination: Priva, for a very informative and interesting seminar. We listened to Prof. Jan Peter Balkenende (Former Prime Minister of The Netherlands), Mr. Sjaak van der Tak (Mayor of Westland), Jan Westra (Strategic Business Developer, Priva B.V.), Ms. Yolanda Werner (Vice President R&D, MCLS Europe B.V.), Mr. Kazutaka Okubo (EY ShinNihon Tokyo) and Dr. Willem Visser ‘t Hooft (HVG Law).

After the seminar we had a tour around Priva where we could see their machines, company, a short movie, and where we could ask questions. We concluded  the day with a reception. Thank you to all who participated, we hope you enjoyed it and learned from it. We look forward to see you next time!

Dear members of DUJAT

We are very pleased to invite you to another DUJAT event, this time an original combination of a company visit and seminar, jointly organized by DUJAT, EY/HVG, NFIA and the Municipality of Westland.

The event focuses on informing you about the next steps in Dutch-Japanese cooperation in agriculture.

For the reformation of agriculture in Japan the Netherlands is taken as an example. The Dutch agriculture sector has a worldwide reputation largely due to the unique combination of production, trade, logistics, marketing and sales, related services and knowledge.

Because of the rapid abandonment of farming in the Japanese agricultural industry and the ageing of the farmers more non-farming entities are needed to invest in modern and high technological agriculture in collaboration with Dutch expertise. The purpose of the seminar is to intensify Dutch/Japanese cooperation in agriculture. This might also be triggered by the upcoming new EU trade agreement with Japan which creates new opportunities.

The event will take place at two highly interesting Dutch companies located in Westland: Koppert Cress and Priva which also conduct activities in Japan. We will start the day at Koppert Cress, with an informative presentation and a tour, after which we will enjoy a lunch prepared by famous chef Albert Kooy (according to “Dutch Cuisine” with “Dutch Specials”) while listening to a speech by Mr. Hans Kuijpers of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

At our next location, Priva, we will focus on the seminar part of the program, which will be hosted by Prof. Jan Peter Balkenende (Former Prime Minister of The Netherlands). Besides Prof. Jan Peter Balkenende, we are also honored to invite such speakers as Mr. Sjaak van der Tak (Mayor of Westland), Mr. Kazutaka Okubo (Senior Partner EY ShinNihon Tokyo) who is a visiting professor at Nagano Prefecture Farmers Academy and advisor to several Japanese local governments on agricultural policies, as well as Dr. Willem Visser ‘t Hooft (Head of the Japan Desk at HVG Law).

The speeches will be held in Japanese or in English. By inserting summaries and translations we will make sure it will be interesting and understandable for everyone.

For this event we will arrange bus transport from our office at the Prof. J.H. Bavincklaan 3, 1183 AT Amstelveen. You can park your car here, and we will depart together at 9:15. If you want to make use of our bus transport, please fill in accordingly on the registration attached to this e-mail.
For those who travel by own car, both Koppert Cress and Priva offer free parking at the location. Further information about access and parking will be sent with the confirmation after your registration.

In case of any more questions, feel free to contact us. We all look forward to welcoming you on the 5th of September.

Please register by responding by e-mail to vangastel@dujat.nl

with the filled out registration form as an attachment

before August 1

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

With kind regards,

Geert Jan Mantel, Chairman

Christa de Kemp, Managing Director


10:30 – 11:00 Registration, Welcome by DUJAT Chairman Mr. Geert Jan Mantel (English)

11:00 – 11:20 Mr. Rob Baan (CEO Koppert Cress) “Koppert Cress Architecture Aromatique”   (English)

11:20 – 12:45 Lunch

            Speech by Mr. Hans Kuijpers (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs)

            “Agrifood in the Netherlands” (English and Japanese)

12:45 – 13:15 Tour at Koppert Cress

14:00 – 16:30 Seminar “Next steps in Dutch-Japanese cooperation in agriculture”

           1) Prof. Jan Peter Balkenende (former Prime Minister of the Netherlands) “Introduction” (English)

           2) Mr. Sjaak van der Tak (Mayor of Westland) “Westland – Japan, examples of successful cooperation”  (English)

           3) Jan Westra (Strategic  business developer, Priva B.V.)  “Creating a climate for growth” (English)

           – Coffee break –

           4) Ms. Yolanda Werner (Vice President R&D, MCLS Europe B.V.) “Future business chances” (English)

           5) Mr. Kazutaka Okubo (EY ShinNihon Tokyo) “Examples of successful cooperation in Japan and future

           developments” (Japanese)

           6) Dr. Willem Visser ‘t Hooft (HVG Law) “Contracting between Dutch and Japanese companies” (English and Japanese)

           7) Prof. Jan Peter Balkenende “Conclusion” (English)

16:30 – 17:00 Tour at Priva

17:00 – 18:30 Reception

18:30 Bus departs to Amstelveen