[2020-02-12] Workshop Cultural Intelligence – a Soft Success Factor to improve your business performance


On Wednesday 12 February, Dujat members could visit The International School of Amsterdam and participate in an interesting cultural workshop, focusing on cultural intelligence (CQ) and differences between Dutch, Japanese and even other cultures. During the breakout session the group was split into different smaller groups, where interesting discussions were held and experiences were shared.

We would like to extend our special thanks to Japan Intercultural Consulting, Many Truths, Global Connect Admin for organizing the event and of course to The International School of Amsterdam for their wonderful hospitality.

Knowledge about other cultures is absolutely necessary if you want to work effectively across cultures, but knowledge alone is far from enough. For example, you may know that Dutch are very direct communicators and Japanese are very indirect communicators. But this knowledge will not always save you from getting into a lost in translation situation.

During the DUJAT Culture Workshop on Wednesday 12 February at The International School of Amsterdam, our team of experts (Japan Intercultural Consulting, Many Truths, Global Connect Admin) will shortly introduce you to the concept of Cultural Intelligence (CQ), the ability to understand and interpret the actions of different cultures and work more effectively across cultures, and how you can develop your CQ.

During the workshop, you will work with a challenging business scenario between Dutch and Japanese with other participants. You will analyze the case and work on a culturally intelligent coping strategy and action plans for the case.

Besides offering their facilities for our workshops, The International School of Amsterdam is also pleased to welcome Dujat members for a tour around the impressive building of their school. For this, please make sure to sign up accordingly.

  • Event date: Wednesday 12 February
  • Location: International School of Amsterdam (ISA), Sportlaan 45, 1185 TB Amstelveen
  • Admission: Free of Charge (members only)

15:00   Registration for Optional School Tour

15:15   Tour at International School of Amsterdam

16:00   Registration for Workshop

16:15   Welcome by Bernadette Carmody – Director, ISA

16:20   Welcome by Claartje Bouwers – Vice Chairman, Dujat

16:25   Introduction by Xuan Hao – Legal Counsel, Global Connect Admin

16:40   Workshop, by:

  • Masako Kato – Managing Director, Many Truths
  • Chie Misumi – Senior Consultant, Japan Intercultural Consulting
  • Claudia Romberg – Senior Consultant, Japan Intercultural Consulting

17:30   Plenary Session

18:00   Closing Remarks

18:05   Networking Reception

19:00   End of event

This event is for members only. If you are member of Dujat and did not receive an invitation, please contact vangastel@dujat.nl.