Horizon Flevoland

IndustryFinancial Services
CountryThe Netherlands
Member sinceMarch, 2022

Horizon is the regional development agency for the province of Flevoland.  Our team of professionals works every day to support foreign and local entrepreneurs.  Our aim is to create an environment that fosters long-term and sustainable international economic growth for Flevoland.

There are three main channels of support we offer:

The first is internationalization.

  • This covers FDI, Horizon works closely with the Invest in Holland network to facilitate companies looking to invest in Europe.
  • Once a company has set down roots, we continue to support them in navigating the local business climate through our Investor Relations program.
  • And finally, we work to facilitate the international ambitions of our local companies by connecting them with each other and an ever-growing range of resources and knowledge bases.

The second is capital.  Horizon takes an active role in financing growth in enterprises, via direct participation or loans, as well as through a broad subsidy program for training and personal development.

The third is business development.  Working within the framework of a multi-year plan, Horizon seeks to support businesses that serve for growth to match the long-term vision of the province of Flevoland.