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The Nutrition & Healthcare Alliance is a centre of expertise in nutrition related to healthcare. We aim at realising health benefits and raising the quality of life of people. Hospital Gelderse Vallei and Wageningen University started in 2007 this alliance to combine top expertise in nutritional sciences with the medical knowledge and patientcare. The Nutrition & Healthcare Alliance initiates research and innovation projects, has a broad network, offers a living lab and shares knowledge to achieve more responsiveness for nutrition and lifestyle in the care chain.

Collaboration in research and innovation

Both government and (care)consumers demand attention to prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. Hospital Gelderse Vallei provides, as a top regional teaching hospital, access to research populations, has a strong healthcare network and is frontrunner in nutrition and physical activity. The hospital introduced a unique meal service and gained an international reputation as Nutrition Hospital®. Wageningen University has a global position in healthy food and living environment. Together with experts in Human Nutrition of Wageningen University we study the role of nutrition during treatment and recovery. This leads to research programmes and innovative concepts like NutriProfile®, Taste and Smell Clinic®.

Intensive partnerships with companies, institutions and organizations are essential to translate knowledge into innovations and practice. We provide a platform for collaboration, partners in project are for example food industry (eg. FrieslandCampina, Heinze, Sodexo, SME’s), pharmaceutical company’s (eg. Shire), technology (eg.Siemens) and health organisations (Dutch Nutrition Centre and home care organisations). The implementation of validated concepts creates a new market for businesses. Website

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