25 June 2024: Reception 25th Anniversary Kurokawa Wing at the Van Gogh Museum

Members of Dujat are invited for a special reception at the Van Gogh Museum on Tuesday 25 June 2024 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our Kurokawa Exhibition Wing.

Renowned Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa designed the Exhibition Wing. Kurokawa is best known for his original designs for several Japanese museums, and for Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

All of Kurokawa’s major design principles are reflected in the Van Gogh Museum Exhibition Wing, such as the symbiosis between environment and architecture, and the interplay between Japanese and European culture. In response to Rietveld’s cube, Kurokawa’s design celebrates asymmetry: the building is elliptical, and the box-shaped Print Gallery is at an angle to the axis of the wing.

Programme for the reception

Doors open

19.45 to 21.00
Start of programme and speeches, opportunity to visit the exhibition Matthew Wong | Vincent van Gogh: Painting as a Last Resort

End of the evening

The Japanese Ambassador to the Netherlands

Mr H. Minami and Mrs C. de Kemp from the Dutch and Japanese Trade Federation (DUJAT) will be in attendance at the reception.