Expanding in Asia-Pacific


Houthoff is further strengthening its international presence by the appointment of Cecile Eijsink-Bonnier as the firm’s representative in Tokyo.

Houthoff’s model of representatives, which they introduced a year ago, has proven to be successful. This has made their international ambition grow. Globalisation requires more than being able to work remotely; personal relationships are invaluable for high level services. Both clients and befriended firms appreciate their physical presence outside of the Netherlands. That is why they appointed representatives in Singapore and Houston last year, in addition to their offices in New York, London and Brussels.

They are proud to have Cecile represent Houthoff in Japan. Cecile has worked for more than ten years as a corporate lawyer for several law firms in the Netherlands. Her former role as a lawyer makes her the ideal candidate for this representative position. She has profound knowledge of the local market because she lives and works in Tokyo. Tokyo has been on their wish list since they started with their Global Representative Programme. Japan is a major economic power and with the recent trade agreement between Japan and the EU (JEFTA) and the effects of Brexit, they expect significant opportunities for Japanese companies in the Netherlands.

Their presence in Japan provides them with the wonderful opportunity to kick off of their Global Corporate Ladies Event on October 2nd at The International House of Japan in Tokyo. Local events will take place simultaneously in six economic centers worldwide where Houthoff has a presence. The events will be based on the same theme and intended for their core audience in their respective time zones. The first event will  begin in Tokyo and the last one in New York. The other events will be held in Singapore, Amsterdam, Brussel and London. The events are meant to facilitate a global discussion about the theme ‘Connect’ and provide their guests the opportunity to meet and connect with new people.

At Houthoff they are committed to diversity and inclusion. As part of their commitment to social responsibility, they undertake many initiatives to empower women to grow into leadership positions in large corporations. They are proud that their Tokyo panel consists of their highly respected businesswomen: Melanie Brock, Yoko Ishikura, Yasuko Ogawa, and Kaori Sasaki. They will summarise the panel discussion in a digital publication which will be published on their website on the 10th of October. Click here to learn more.