Member Spotlight: McDermott + Bull Europe

McDermott + Bull Europe, Norbert Meijer – Managing Partner + Head of Japan Desk.

We are your trusted partner on difficult-to-find executive talent. We specialize in working with Japanese companies, based in Europe.

For a span of 17 years, from 1991 to 2008, I held diverse international senior management roles within a Japanese international corporation. Leveraging my extensive experience and profound understanding of the Japanese business culture, I now provide advisory services to Japanese companies operating in Europe. My focus lies in assisting them in identifying and recruiting local executive talent seamlessly aligned with the cultural nuances inherent to their organizations.

What does Dujat membership mean for your business?

We maintain enduring partnerships with a diverse array of Japanese companies in Europe spanning multiple industries. Our extensive network within the Japanese business society is a testament to our strong connections and close affiliations with numerous Japanese enterprises. Our membership in DUJAT serves as a valuable platform, allowing us to further enhance our network and derive benefits from outstanding events specifically designed to foster collaboration between Japan and The Netherlands. The annual DUJAT Japan trip and DUJAT dinner party at the Okura, stand out as a highly enriching experiences, adding an extra layer of significance to our collaborative endeavours.

When thinking of Dujat, which fond memories come to mind?

Certainly, the annual DUJAT Japan trip holds significant value for our organization. This event not only affords us the privilege of visiting the global headquarters of key clients but also provides a unique opportunity to engage in a week-long collaboration with professionals from diverse companies operating within the same market segment. This experience has proven instrumental in expanding our business development initiatives while concurrently deepening our understanding of Japanese companies and staying abreast of the latest market developments.

Do you have any advice for doing business in Japan or the Netherlands?

I recommend proactively engaging in participation, networking, and, importantly, diligently following up on the valuable contacts established during DUJAT events. This proactive approach enhances the overall value of being a DUJAT member. Additionally, as a positive spin-off, our organization has received frequent invitations to join other networks, further augmenting the appeal and benefits of our membership.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would greatly appreciate an extended allocation of time dedicated to networking during events, as well as the inclusion of more cultural and sport events.