Message from the Chairman

Dear Friends of DUJAT,

We are experiencing truly exceptional times, with great concern for what is probably most precious to us all, our health and that of our family and friends.

More than ever will it be essential that we overcome this challenge with a great sense of collective responsibility, not always a given in a rather individualistic society. The possible significant economic consequences only add to the complexity of how to address this situation. Nevertheless, I am confident that also this time – together – we will prevail over what has become a real crisis. 

At DUJAT, with our members, we have always worked hard to improve the relationship among our members, with a specific focus on strengthening the economic relations between the Netherlands and Japan.  We will continue to do so, but we trust that you can appreciate that the events scheduled until the middle of April, which are usually well attended, need to be postponed or even cancelled.  We will keep you apprised on a regular basis of possible developments. We obviously regret this, but it would in our view be unreasonable and irresponsible to organize events with a significant number of attendees, even in cases where arguably it would not be strictly prohibited by law.

The management of DUJAT continues its operations, be it in a somewhat different environment, but you can still reach us by mail or telephone.

We thank you for your understanding and let us hope that we can resume our regular activities in a relatively near future. 

Also on behalf of Christa, Jinn and the entire Board of DUJAT, we wish you, your family and friends, safe and healthy times.

All the best

Luc Houben
Chairman DUJAT