DUJAT – JCC The Netherlands & Japan Update 2011


16.30 Registration
17.00 Welcome by the organizers:
– Hans Bax, Chairman DUJAT
– Kiyomi Kato, Chairman JCC
17.10 Opening
– H.E. the Japanese Ambassador to the Netherlands, Mr. Takashi Koezuka
17.15 Welcome by Main Sponsors:
– Dick Hoogenberg, Partner, Ernst & Young
– Diederik van Wassenaer, ING Bank
Program Part I
Dutch and Japanese Economic Outlook
17.25 Keynote address
Roel Janssen, Economic and Financial Journalist
17.30 Dutch Economic Outlook
–  Maarten Leen, Head of Macroeconomics, Economics Department, ING Bank
17.50 Japanese Economic Outlook
Hidetoshi Honda, Senior Currency Strategist, Mizuho Corporate Bank in London
18.10 Discussion and Q&A
18.20 Break and light meal
Poster presentations of various new sustainable energy projects
Program Part II
Re-thinking Energy: New energy concepts and projects in The Netherlands and Japan.
Dutch and Japanese cooperation
19.00 Keynote address
– Peter Spaans PhD Partner, Ernst & Young
19.05 A Sustainable Culture gives Happy Energy
– Wubbo Ockels PhD ESA Scientist, Astronaut and professor of Aerospace for Sustainable Engineering and Technology at Delft University of Technology
19.35 Future Aerospace Energy Development and historical Japanese and Dutch Scientific exchange
Chiaki Mukai MD, PhD Astronaut, Vice Director for Human Space Systems and Utilization Mission Directorate, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
20.05 Update on Dutch new Energy Concepts and Developments
Jip Lenstra, Program Manager,
Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN)
20.15 Update on Japanese new Energy Concepts and Developments
Satoshi Morozumi, PhD Director, Smart Community Promotion Department,
New Energy and Industrial Development Organization (NEDO)
20.25 Panel Discussion and Q&A
– all speakers
20.40 Closing remarks – Radboud Molijn, Managing Director of DUJAT 
20.45 Toast
21.30 End of the program