Although the video game industry is international almost by definition, there is still a big gap between games and developers from the West and from the East.

Rangemu was founded on the belief that good games deserve to be played anywhere, and support those that seek to bridge the gap between especially the Netherlands and Japan by providing information, a strong network in the games industry and matchmaking and mediation services. Rangemu wants to work with small and independent developers looking to launch their games in unfamiliar territory as well as publishers looking for undiscovered gems, and with work-for-hire studios itching to work on an interesting project as well as companies looking to innovate with best-in-class serious games. Regardless of the company or budget size, Rangemu is dedicated to find the right partners for the right project for the right price. Games are a uniquely interactive and universal language, and they are passionate about helping companies find partners that speak their language – regardless of language.

Contact person:

Mr Martijn van Zwieten, Founder & Managing Director, and

Mr Tom Schoen, co-founder