[2021-11-11] DUJAT Meets Limburg – Visit to Canon

On Thursday 11 November, Dujat members paid a visit to the beautiful and impressive new office building of the headquarters of Canon EMEA in Venlo, as well as the Customer Experience Center where we learned about some of the newest printing innovations and technologies.
The event was organized in collaboration with LIOF, the Limburg Investment and Development Company. Also on behalf of LIOF we extend our thanks to Canon for the hospitality and for organizing this event safely in these difficult times of COVID-19.


For members/invitees only. If your company is member of Dujat but you did not receive an invitation, please contact our office.

Canon Production Printing Netherlands, DUJAT and the Limburg Investment and Development Company (LIOF) are pleased to invite you to attend our upcoming event on Thursday, 11 November, called: ‘Dujat meets Limburg’. An event revolving around a new state-of-the-art headquarter as well as high-end, innovative printing technologies.

Limburg knows several key sectors. Agro-food, life sciences & health, logistics, chemicals & materials and high-tech systems are all sectors that are well represented in the most southern province. Thriving eco-systems have been built around the different hotspots creating the ideal environment for growth and innovation for almost any company.

Several sectors have also started to cooperate to achieve an even higher potential. The ideal location in combination with the many different knowledge institutions in the vicinity as well as the amount of languages spoken natively have facilitated these sectors to thrive. Canon, part of the high-tech systems sector, has been an integral part of this growth.

One of the biggest employer of Limburg, our host Canon, would like to welcome the DUJAT community to their newly build headquarters in Venlo. This so-called ‘Green Landmark’ was opened last summer but being part of this event will provide you with the opportunity to be one of the first to marvel at their new accommodation. The four Green Plaza’s provide the building with an open and inviting atmosphere, ideal for stimulating synergy and knowledge exchanges.

After being welcomed by Mr. Asada (CEO – Canon), Mr. Leurs (Board Member of DUJAT and Managing Director of Canon Benelux) and Mr van Elk (Director – LIOF), a short presentation about the new sustainable building will follow. The morning section is closed with a tour of the headquarters.

For the second part of the event we will move to the Customer Experience Center just down the road. Here Canon showcases all its brand-new innovations for potential clients. After a network lunch the Center will be shortly introduced by Mr. De Goeijen (VP BL CTS  – Canon) and an insight in innovative printing technologies is provided. The day will be concluded in the Customer Experience Center with some drinks and the opportunity to network.

Is printing a dying business? Most certainly not! On Thursday, 11th of November, Canon will open the gates of their beautiful and sustainable new headquarter in Venlo as well as tell us everything about their latest innovations and adaptability during changing times. We very much hope to see you on November 11 in Venlo!

Date: Thursday 11 November

Time: 10:30 – 15:30 

Venue: Canon HQ, Van der Grintenstraat 10, 5914 HH Venlo


  • Dujat Bus (optional)

08:00   Gather at Cityden The Garden, Amstelveen

08:15   Bus departs from Amstelveen

  • Canon

10:30  Arrival and registration at new HQ

11:00  Welcome & presentation of Canon Production Printing
by Mr. Asada, CEO of Canon Production Printing Holding B.V.

11:15  Opening remarks by Mr. Leurs, Managing Director of Canon Benelux and Board Member of Dujat

11:20  Opening remarks by Mr. van Elk, Director of LIOF

11:25  Presentation on the creation and construction of new HQ by Mr. Elting, Director Real Estate Canon

11:45  Guided tour at new HQ

12:15  Departure to CEC

12:30  Lunch at CEC

13:30  Presentation CEC by Mr. Eric de Goeijen

13:45  Guided tour at CEC

14:45  Closing remarks by Mrs. Christa de Kemp

14:50  Drinks & Networking

15:30  End of Event, Dujat Bus departs to Amstelveen