[2019-07-25] Dujat Showcase

On Thursday July 25, the first Dujat Showcase took place at Hotel Okura Amsterdam. Click here to be directed to the photo gallery

We would like to give special thanks to all companies who presented themselves at the Showcase, and our inspiring guest speaker Floris Evers.

Below, you can find one more overview of the participating Dujat member companies. We will use the experience of this first edition to work on a better Dujat Showcase for next time!

  1. Introduction to Houthoff and announcement Tax Seminar
    By Paul Schouten, Tax Lawyer
  2. Introduction to Information Development
    By Hiroki Eiraku, International Business Promotion Department at
    Information Development
  3. EIZO, your visual technology partner!
    By Ewald Verholt, General Manager at EIZO Europe GmbH
  4. Schooljudo – bringing values to society
    By Bram Kalter, Project Manager at Schooljudo
  5. Trusted advisor for office space relocation
    By Oscar Swagerman, Partner at Solved
  6. Beyond Grammar: Business Communication that Works
    By Brenda de Jong-Pauley, Director at The English Center
  7. Executive Search Explained in 5 minutes
    By Norbert Meijer, Managing Partner at McDermott + Bull Europe
  8. Are you aware of ‘Executive Risk’ ?
    By Junko Kanno, Senior Manager, Japan Global Practice Group –
    Benelux at Willis Towers Watson
  9. Cultural differences between Germany and The Netherlands
    to explain difference to Japan society
    By Xuan Hao, Legal Assistant at Global Connect Admin
  10. Cultural Intelligence as Management Strategy
    By Masako Kato, Managing Director at Many Truths
  11. AKD Benelux at a glance
    Jeroen Pop, Lawyer, Partner at AKD
  12. Long-term support for international businesses in the Netherlands
    By Phuong Nguyen Verra, Asian Desk Manager at Dutch Accounting House
  13. Shifting from a car company to a mobility company
    Presented by Louwman & Parqui, Importer Toyota & Lexus
    By Willem Verschuur, General Manager Marketing at Louwman

  • AKD N.V.
  • AON Risk Solutions Japan Group
  • Asunaro Holland Interplan. B.V.
  • Cityden
  • EIZO Europe GmbH
  • The English Center
  • Global Connect Admin
  • Information Development
  • Kewpie-Egg World Trading Europe B.V.
  • Louwman &Parqui B.V.
  • McDermott + Bull Europe
  • Nippon Recruitment
  • Octagon Professionals
  • Oost NL/Nutrition &Healthcare Alliance
  • Rotterdam Business School
  • Schooljudo
  • Sedgwick
  • Willis Towers Watson
  • Yakult



Dear members of Dujat, ladies and gentlemen,

We received from many members the request to give an opportunity to present themselves and their companies to other members.

During the Dujat Dinner in December last year we already informed most of you that this year we will organize a special event to make this possible: the so-called “Dujat Showcase” to service our members and create an opportunity for presentations.

The Dujat Showcase will take place on Thursday July 25th 16:00 – 19:00 at Hotel Okura Amsterdam.



16:00 – 16:30  registration

16:30 – 16:35  official opening

16:35 – 17:15 presentations member companies

17:15 – 17:30 guest speaker about Tokyo 2020

17:30 – 18:00 presentations member companies

18:00 – 18:05 closing remarks

18:05 – 19:00 netwerk reception with buffet dinner



Participation is open and free for all members. You can participate in 3 ways:

  1. Participate as a speaker: Present your product, service or business idea in a pitch presentation on stage. Please note that the presentation can last max. 5 minutes. There is media equipment available.
  2. Participate as an exhibitor: Showcase your product, service or business idea on the exhibition.
  3. Visit the event as a guest and get to know our member companies, enjoy the presentations, the guest speaker and the networking reception with buffet dinner.

It is possible to participate both as a speaker and exhibitor. Detailed information about participation and the application form have been sent out by e-mail already. Please contact vangastel@dujat.nl if you did not receive it. 

For those who wish to visit the event as a guest, no further action is required until you receive the official invitation which will be sent out in June.


If you are planning to apply as a speaker or exhibitor, please let us know by submitting the filled application form before May 1st.

Please note we only have limited space, so we advise to submit your application forms as soon as possible.

For further questions about the event, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We look forward to receiving your application and hope that together we can present a successful first edition of the Dujat Showcase.