[2017-09-22] Japan meets Brabant – Company visits to Borchwerf II and High Tech Campus Eindhoven


On Friday the 22nd of September, DUJAT members made a visit to several companies in Brabant, together with Brabant Development Agency (BOM) from Tilburg. First we were presented with interesting knowledge and experiences by CEVA Logistics and Uniqlo at Borchwerf II CV. We had a wonderful tour after which we left for High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Here we first visited Shimano European Head Quarters, and heard about their interesting story: why did they choose  this location? After Shimano we had an amazing light experience at Philips Lighting Application Center, and closed the day with a reception at Grand Café The Colour Kitchen.

To DUJAT members and Brabant relations, thank you all for joining our event, and we thank Brabant Development Agency, Borchwerf II CV, Province Brabant and both companies at High Tech Campus Eindhoven for the nice cooperation. Hopefully we will repeat the Brabant experience next year!

Dear members of DUJAT,

It is our pleasure to invite you to join another special DUJAT company visit, which will take place on Friday the 22nd of September. This time we are headed for Brabant, where we have arranged several company visits in collaboration with Brabant Development Agency (BOM), Borchwerf II CV and High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

The companies who will present us with their knowledge and experiences are CEVA Logistics, Shimano, and also Philips Lighting.

You will experience excellent logistics operations at Ceva Logistics, serving their Japanese customers Uniqlo, Muji and Roland DG with ultimate passion. In Eindhoven you will enter the heart of technology. We are most happy to introduce you in this extremely innovative ecosystem. You will experience open innovation and an energizing business climate. At Shimano European Head Quarters,  the rationale behind their choice for HTC Eindhoven is given. At Philips Lighting Application Center, we get the latest insights with regard to lighting: Philips puts a spot light on the Olympics of Tokyo 2020…

For this event we will arrange bus transport from our BOM office in Tilburg. We will depart together at 11.30 hours from our DUJAT office in Amstelveen (Prof. J.H. Bavincklaan 3). You can park your car here (free of charge). If you want to make use of our bus transport, please fill in accordingly on the registration form attached to this e-mail.

It is highly recommended to register for our bus transport since we will also travel between locations during the day and parking your car is difficult nearby the locations we will visit.  In the bus, DUJAT will provide a sushi lunch for on our way.
Further information about access and parking will be sent with the confirmation after your registration. In case of any more questions, feel free to contact us.

Please register by responding by e-mail to vangastel@dujat.nl

with the filled out registration form as an attachment

before the 7th of September

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

With kind regards,

Geert Jan Mantel, Chairman of DUJAT

Christa de Kemp, Managing Director of DUJAT

Edwin Zonder, Senior Project Manager at Brabant Development Agency (BOM)




Date                      Friday 22nd of September, 11:30-19:00 (incl. lunch and reception)

Venue                   CEVA Logistics (Borchwerf II CV, Den Brak 2 , 4751 XK  Oud Gastel), High Tech Campus Eindhoven  (Shimano, HTCE 92, 5656 AG Eindhoven)

Admission          Free of Charge

11:15                    Gathering at DUJAT Office in Amstelveen (Prof. J.H. Bavincklaan 3, 1183 AT)

11:30                    Departure to Roosendaal by bus

13:00                    Arrival at Borchwerf II in Roosendaal

13:15                    Welcome by Mr. Geert-Jan Mantel (Chairman of DUJAT), followed by presentation Borchwerf II. Brief description of the logistics hotspot West Brabant, presentation Business Center Borchwerf II: Reasons why many foreign companies settle on Borchwerf II, quality characteristics of Borchwerf II, inside information about the status of sales of land

13:30                    Presentation CEVA Logistics: logistics for Uniqlo, MUJI and Roland DG (including drone film of the logistics processes on Borchwerf II,  especially made for this DUJAT work visit)

13:50                   Tour distribution center with logistics activities Uniqlo

14:30                    Departure for next program: HighTech Campus / Shimano European HQ / Lighting Application Center Philips

16:00                    Arrival and presentations HighTech Campus / Shimano European HQ / Lighting Application Center Philips

18:00                    Networking, with drinks and snacks

19:00                    Departure to Amstelveen by bus