[2018-11-14] Future Mobility @ Louwman Museum


On the 14th of November, the Future Mobility event took place, which was organized in collaboration with Louwman & Parqui (Toyota and Lexus Netherlands), Jones Day and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. We came together at the beautiful Louwman Museum. It was the first time to visit the impressive museum for many!

The theme was all about mobility. Future mobility, which was highlighted in the presentation by Eric Louwman. Prof. Ad van Wijk gave us many new insights into the Green Hydrogen Economy, and the role of hydrogen in mobility. Paul Rafferty, US partner at the international law firm Jones Day, came all the way to explain about artifical intelligence and the many challenges business will face when self-driving cars are on the market, including legal aspects regarding liability and many other discussion points. Jan-Chris Koenders concluded by sharing the vision of Louwman Group, Toyota/Lexus and gave us a few Waku-Doki previews of future projects.

Many thanks go to all speakers for their impressive presentations, to Louwman and Louwman Museum for hosting the event, to our co-organizers and of course to all who attended. Special thanks go to H.E. Mr. Inomata, Ambassador of Japan to The Netherlands, and his wife for attending the event as our guests of honor.

We hope you enjoyed the event, which was for us the last ‘regular’ Dujat event of the year. All our attention now goes to the upcoming Dujat December Dinner on the 10th of December at Hotel Okura Amsterdam, the special and festive end-of-the-year event. We hope to see you there!

We are happy to invite you to a fascinating Mobility Event at the Louwman Museum in The Hague on the 14th of November. This event is organized in collaboration with Louwman & Parqui (Toyota and Lexus Netherlands), Jones Day and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce.

Future mobility

Mobility goes beyond cars. Freedom of mobility is important, whether you are 1 or 100, regardless of age or ability. Eric Louwman and Jan-Chris Koenders will share the vision of Louwman Group and Toyota/Lexus on their pursuit for “Mobility for All”. In order to create a more sustainable society for the future, Prof. Ad van Wijk will give a lecture on his knowledge and vision on the Green Hydrogen Economy. Furthermore, Paul Rafferty, US partner at the international law firm Jones Day, will give us more inside information on the compelling discussion of the challenges business will face once artificial intelligence finds its way into cars.

It promises to be a very interesting afternoon. We highly recommend this event.

For Dujat members who would like to travel by our bus: we will gather in front of the Solys Business Center in Amstelveen (Prof. J.H. Bavincklaan 3), which is easily accessible with Metro 51 / Tram 5, at 12:45 and depart at 13:00. You can also park your car at the parking garage, or for free next to the road. Unfortunately as of now, we are unable to provide free parking tickets for the garage.

If you would like to make use of our bus transportation, please indicate/complete accordingly in your registration. Further information about direct access and parking for those who travel by car can be found on our event website.

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