Member Spotlight: Fujitsu

My name is Sabrina Delissen, and I serve as the Business Development Manager at Fujitsu Nederland.

With a passion for fostering international partnerships and driving business growth, I am proud to represent Fujitsu Nederland, a leading Japanese company specializing in information technology solutions and services. Our dedication to innovation and customer-centricity has positioned us as a trusted partner in the Netherlands for over four decades.

As an MD of Fujitsu NL it is great to work with Sabrina but also to work with our Japanese colleagues who are more and more interacting with our colleagues in Europe and our clients which we also have in Japan. It is fantastic to see that our Japanese roots are bringing so much joy for both all Dujat members and our employees and clients.

What does Dujat membership mean for your business?

Dujat membership holds immense strategic value for Fujitsu Nederland. As a company deeply rooted in Japanese heritage, our affiliation with Dujat strengthens our ties to the Dutch-Japanese business community. It provides us with unique networking opportunities, invaluable insights into market trends, and a platform to engage with fellow industry leaders. Through Dujat, we can forge new partnerships, enhance our market presence, and contribute to the growth of Dutch-Japanese trade relations.

We are proud to organize an event together with Dujat and be one of the hosts for the Dujat 2024 trip.

When thinking of Dujat, which fond memories come to mind?

Reflecting on our involvement with Dujat, one fond memory that stands out is our participation in the annual networking events and conferences. These gatherings have not only allowed us to showcase our innovative solutions but have also facilitated meaningful exchanges with industry peers and potential partners. Additionally, the collaborative spirit and warm hospitality exhibited by the Dujat community have made these events both enjoyable and productive.

Without a doubt the Dujat December dinners are the crown on every year!

Do you have any advice for doing business in Japan or the Netherlands?

Based on our experiences within the Dujat network, I would advise fellow members to prioritize building strong relationships and understanding cultural nuances when conducting business in Japan or the Netherlands. Cultivating trust and mutual respect with stakeholders is essential in both markets and can significantly impact the success of business endeavors. Furthermore, embracing cultural diversity and adapting to local customs can help navigate potential challenges and foster long-term partnerships.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

As we commemorate 40 years of Dujat, I would like to extend my gratitude to the organization for its continuous support and commitment to strengthening Dutch-Japanese trade relations. I look forward to further collaboration and innovation within the Dujat community, as we continue to explore new opportunities and drive mutual prosperity. Here’s to the next 40 years of success and growth together.