Time & Style Opens Store In Amsterdam


From this year’s 23rd of March, Time & Style is open for visitors at the historical building Bureau Raampoort, Marnixstraat in Amsterdam. The 900 m² sized store is situated in the center of Amsterdam, and specializes in interior products with a distinct and traditional Japanese aesthetic that fits contemporary life. All facets of modern life are considered by offering a wide range of products that includes furniture, lighting equipment and home accessories. These original products carry out our consistent design philosophy.

Time & Style is dedicated to the manufacturing of products to explore universality in their quality and design that can be used for many years, as they blend in perfectly with everyday life at the same time keep unwavering style over the ages.


By bringing its first store to Europe, Time & Style wants to introduce their beautiful Japanese interior designs and techniques, as well as organize expositions where Japanese designers can show their work.

Later this year, DUJAT will organize a Meets & Drinks event at their spectacular location.