Update: About Coronavirus and Dujat Events

In light of the growing concerns about the Coronavirus COVID-19, Dujat would like to make an announcement about our upcoming events and appointments. As long as RIVM sticks to their current advice, we have no intention to cancel any of our upcoming activities, unless a hosting company / co-organizer decides otherwise. However we do request the following:

  • Any members who have recently returned from travelling abroad (especially those who have visited China, Northern provinces of Italy, South Korea, Iran), or been in contact with a patient suffering from the virus, please refrain from attending our events and meetings.
  • Any members experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19, even minor symptoms such as a cold, please refrain from attending as well.

If these, or one of these apply to you and you are registered for one of our upcoming events, please inform us of your cancellation. In case of meetings and appointments, we will look to reschedule them.

Of course, if these do not apply to you and you are to visit our events, make sure to refrain from shaking hands with other attendees.

For any other information regarding the virus we refer to the official website of RIVM: www.rivm.nl. For Dujat-related questions you can contact our office by phone or e-mail. We will make sure to keep you closely updated if anything should change about the current situation.