Member Spotlight: Nippon Gases

My name is Viola van Zelst, 47 years young, and living happily married in beautiful Brabant. Working in the gas industry since 1996, an industry that continues to fascinate day in and day out and still surprises with its applications and possibilities. Since 2017 I am working for Nippon Gases and recently in the role of Key Account Manager. Let me tell you more about this great company!

Nippon Gases is one of the leading companies in the industrial and medical gas business in Europe, and we are part of Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation. We are present in over 13 countries in Europe, with a solid combination of bulk and cylinder gases, onsite production and pipelines supplying key industries. Just to give you a quick inside: We own 30 Air Separation Units, 6 hydrogen plants, 12 CO2 plants and 5 specialty gases laboratories in Europe. With 3 CO2 ships, 14 pipelines and 1000 trucks we supply, on time, our wide network of customers around Europe and we help our customers to achieve safety and environmental sustainability standards, increase productivity, decrease energy consumption and produce higher quality products.

What does Dujat membership mean for your business?

Typically, the industrial gases business are spread over all market segments that can be imagined. Knowing the players in these markets and keeping a pulse on the market is critical for our business to grow further. The DUJAT networking events are, among other things, a way for us to make contacts, build relationships and explore business opportunities. Especially also with newcomers on the market or market segments that are developing rapidly like ‘carbon neutrality and sustainability’ related. It offers us the opportunity to bring in new partners and customers or enter into new collaborations. Not only with other Japanese companies, as we are, but many companies that are linked to them as well.

I have learned so much more about Japan and Japanese culture since attending these events, usually just by meeting the other members of DUJAT and learn from them.

When thinking of Dujat, which fond memories come to mind?

All events are very valuable, some more than others because they fit in with our business operations, but we would like to mention two in particular. The visit to the Automotive Campus in Helmond (which was very impressive) and the event organized in collaboration with LIOF and the Brightland Chemelot Campus in Geleen. We will soon visit this campus again together with our Japanese colleagues. It is an open innovation campus, where companies do the research that they carry forward into the development of new products. We look forward to the visit and further developing our relationship.

Do you have any advice for doing business in Japan or the Netherlands?

As you all know, Japan is known for its sophisticated and operational efficiency. Personal relationships are of high importance and developing the right connections takes time. A strong existing network can give a business an upper hand. Acquiring enough knowledge to operate successfully is key and shows the deserved respect to the fellow members of DUJAT.

As Nippon Gases, we really enjoy doing business this way. You go into more depth on a personal level. This creates a bond and brings so much more than just a superficial business relationship.

Our advice is: Be an active member of this wonderful organization and a world will open up for you.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We would like to say to you: thank you for all your support when we ask questions about the events, members and possibilities.

And to the members of DUJAT we would like to say: you are very welcome to visit our company, we would like to welcome you in collaboration with DUJAT!